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Rafi has a degree in Practical Engineering and over 20 years of experience in residential construction. He began his career as a tradesman and familiarized himself with all aspects of construction. Rafi brings with him a thorough understanding of the building process from foundations to the waterproofing around the windows. He has spent the better part of his career in the field supervising, managing, and building luxury homes in the Jerusalem and Gush Etzion area. As an emigrant from America, he not only speaks his clients’ language, but he also understands their concerns, culture and expectations and the meaning of good customer service.  

Unique understanding of Anglos’ needs

Serves as the liason betweeen the client and the contractor

Over 20 years experience building luxury homes



  • Project planning and design
  • Budget planning
  • Contractor selection – working knowledge of top contractors and sub contractors
  • Scheduling – create a project schedule that is realistic and achievable
  • Plan review – meticulous review of engineering and architectural plans

During Construction

  • Quality control – Ensure the contractor is building to both architectural and engineering plans
  • Project communication – manage communication and collaboration between the client and the construction team
  • Scheduling – help manage timetables throughout the project
  • Budget – continuous management of budget throughout the project

 Rafi’s concierge construction management provides a highly personalized and comprehensive service to his clients during the construction process while acting as a personal assistant, helping to guide them through every step of the construction project to ensure that all of their needs are met.

Rafi provides a single point of contact for the client, coordinating with all of the various stakeholders involved in the project, including the design team, contractors, and subcontractors. He will also manage the project budget and cost control, scheduling, procurement, quality control, and project closeout, as well as communicate with his clients about progress and any issues that may arise.

Rafi’s concierge construction management enhances the communication and collaboration between the client and the construction team to help ensure that the project stays on track and meets the client’s expectations. Additionally, the personalized service that Rafi provides helps to reduce stress and alleviate any concerns that the client may have about the construction process.

Rafi’s hands-on and personalized approach to managing the construction process can also be useful in situations where the client has limited experience with construction and needs more guidance and support throughout the process. Rafi’s approach also streamlines communication and decision-making, as the owner only needs to work with one company rather than multiple contractors and subcontractors.

In short, Rafi provides the client with a seamless and stress-free construction experience, while also ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.


Over the past year, we did a full renovation of a house in Jerusalem. The renovation included replacing all the infrastructure, and rebuilding the entire house except the shell (sheled). Knowing I would not have time to take care of the construction, I hired Rafi to be the project manager. In the first meeting with Rafi, I explained to him that I expect him to take care of everything, because I do not have time to deal with the renovation work. I also asked him to make sure that the quality of the construction would be uncompromising. Rafi lived up to all my expectations, and even beyond. First, during the renovation year, Rafi took care of everything: from finding a suitable contractor, negotiating with the suppliers, drafting contracts, working with authorities, and supervising the quality of materials and work. This allowed me to continue with my work routine with almost no interruptions.

Second, Rafi was meticulously careful not to compromise on the level of workmanship and raw materials. When the contractor did not perform a particular task to Rafi’s high standards, he insisted on dismantling and rebuilding. Rafi’s insistence on the quality of the work is evident in the final product.

Third, Rafi is one of the most honest and trustworthy people I know. With everything, I can count on him wholeheartedly.

Finally, Rafi is endowed with a pleasant, calm personality, and he knows how to provide a high level of service that is difficult to find in our country. He was always available to solve any problem, even after construction was completed. In conclusion, I highly recommend Rafi. If I ever have another renovation project, I will definitely take Rafi again.

Shai Shalev-Shwartz

CTO, Mobileye, an Intel Company, Jerusalem

For the past six months, we have carried out a comprehensive renovation of our home, which included adding a third floor to the house and a major renovation to the second floor. Rafi accompanied us through the renovation process from the beginning stage of obtaining the building permit until its completion, including preparing quantities reports, negotiating with contractors, selecting a contractor and the entire construction process until its completion. He knew how to demand from the contractor the highest quality work and would not give up until the final result was obtained. Beyond that, Rafi was pleasant, knew how to mediate between our requests and the contractors’, listened carefully to our requests and answered all our questions with a big smile and a deep caring for us and our home.

Dani and Sarit Susnovitch


It is with absolute pleasure to write this testimony for Rafi Epstein.

Coming from Australia and with an appreciation for quality building, it was very important for us to ensure that the major renovation we were undertaking went smoothly and resulted in the highest possible standards in terms of process and outcome.

Rafi is the consummate professional whose attention to detail is incredible. His intimate knowledge of the building profession, his caring manner and the high expectations he had from the builders meant that today we live in a beautiful home that meets the standards we are used to in Australia.

Rafi’s unique abilities resulted in a building process without headaches and a beautiful home.

We cannot recommend Rafi highly enough to anyone seeking to build/renovate their home to the highest standards possible.

Nehama and Adam Segal

Alon Shvut

Rafi managed the construction of our house from beginning to end — from signing the agreement, through the post-construction visits after a heavy rain to make sure there were no leaks. (There weren’t.) He is straightforward, honest, reliable and hard-working.

Consistently, Rafi went the extra mile to consider the many details that we so appreciate now that we are in the house. With his extensive hands-on experience in so many projects over the years, his careful planning at early stages ensured a smooth process, with few surprises. Drawing both on his knowledge and his concern for the project, Rafi regularly guided us on the little things (“you should put additional switches near the beds”) as well as the bigger issues (lengthy discussions about the heating system, solar vs. gas vs. electric).

It speaks to Rafi’s commitment that I have many memories of Rafi working in or around our house in less than ideal conditions — until 2 in the morning the week before we moved in, or outside in the cold and rain at 10 at night, moving a gas line. It is a pleasure to work with someone who takes so much personal pride in his work. We are happy to recommend Rafi to anyone considering a construction project, and confident that you will be equally pleased with the results.

Janine and Gershom Kutliroff


Our project manager, Rafi Epstein, was critical to the entire experience of building the house. Not only is Rafi a consummate professional with detailed knowledge of all required to build a house, but he is also an absolute pleasure to deal with. Many people try to scare you in advance of such an undertaking with the difficulty of dealing with an “Israeli Kablan”. With Rafi as our project manager, every day was a pleasure. He managed the teams professionally and on time, was always available and attentive, and found creative solutions to any problems that arose.

As you can see from the above – I highly recommend working with Rafi Epstein.

Yuri and Yocheved Shoshan


Rafi was responsible for the management of a very significant renovation of our home. Rafi has the unique ability to provide “American style” customer service while at the same time knowing how to operate and build in Israel, with all of the unique challenges that this represents. Rafi has a very strong attention to detail and has high expectations for the final product. I unconditionally recommend working with Rafi.
Jeremy and Rocky Brody

Alon Shvut


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